My story is SIMPLE :)

I live in my Dream....
My story is simple ....
Simple is Beauty, Smart and Elegant!

With passion for freedom and fashion I create clothing I truly love to wear .My inspirations are my son's smile, first blossoms every spring ,beautiful rainbow after the rain , birds songs, wind whispers....It is my way to say....
Hey people,look around you ....see all the beauty...feel all the energy....and BELIEVE...believe in GOOD and GIVE.......give a little bit of love and it will come back to you!!!
All garments here are handmade with all my love and care with quality fabrics and materials ,price consciousness, personal customer care and no compromises and excuses!
I hope to find Your Dream pieces here ...

Welcome to Aakasha's Online Boutique

Customer care Happy to convo 24/7
♥ pre-made & made-to-order available
♥ wholesale inquiries welcomed

I would like more people to be able to feel and touch my art so I changed my strategy
I price each item with minimum profit to allow more people all around the Globe to enjoy my inspirations!

I wish my customers to be satisfied and happy with their choices!

I believe in personal touch, excellent customer service and love and care for the details with no compromises and excuses.

My clothes are very special to me and I hope to be very special to you too

Hope you'll find YOURSELF here :)

Thank you♥

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